Менеджер по продажам со знанием английского языка (Sales Manager)

от 50 000 руб. до вычета налогов

Требуемый опыт работы: 1–3 года

Полная занятость, гибкий график

Medialooks работает на международном рынке уже более 15 лет. Наши продукты используются клиентами на всех континентах, а наши технологии проникли на компьютеры десятков тысяч пользователей.

Мы специализируемся на мега-интересном и активно развивающемся рынке видео: от профессионального телевещания до стриминга игр. Наш софт используют государственные телеканалы и даже Twitch.

Уникальные продукты, глобальный охват, классная команда, тонна новых знаний – скучно не будет.

Работа потребует уверенного владения английским языком.

You will be responsible for increasing revenue by converting new leads into customers and keeping churn rate at a minimum.

Your job would be to:

  • Communicate with customers on sales-related matters.
  • Keep data in the CRM up to date.
  • Manage relationships with partners (such as distributors).
  • Collect feedback from existing customers and business requirements from new leads.
  • Find new potential customers.

We are looking for:

  • A fluent English speaker. Fluent enough to understand American, British and Indian English.
  • A results-driven personality. We expect you to be driven by your sales metrics.
  • Someone who loves to write and talk to people. Communication and writing is what you'll be doing 95% of your time. Explaining, reacting, trying new approaches. If you are the copy-paste kind of person, don't apply. Copy-pasting doesn't build trust and value.
  • Someone who is completely honest. We don't lie to our customers, ever.
  • A quick learner. Your key function will be to learn and understand things you have never dealt with before. Understand what the customer wants to do. Understand what he's really trying to say. Understand what he really needs. Understand, whether he should be our customer or he better go somewhere else. We expect you to train your mind and intuition quickly. This will be your most critical skill.
  • A multi-tasker. Yes, multitasking sucks. But it is the only way to do this job. So get ready.
  • A proactive person. We are not looking for someone who would write standard emails and do nothing more. We need a proactive personality, who would help us find new customers and come up with new ways to make existing customers happier.
  • Someone with strong administrative skills. You are the type of person who never forgets to make notes after a call or a meeting.
  • Someone who has experience in working with LinkedIn. You have a developed LinkedIn profile and are interested in growing your professional network.


  • This position has a remote option: our HQ are in Kaliningrad, but we are open to candidates from the East of Russia to help us cover the time zones.
  • There will be an evaluation period of 3 months.
  • We provide literature and educational courses if needed.
  • Be ready for a high workload. Your work will be spread across all time zones, so please be ready to work late when needed.
  • Compensation is based on interview.

How to apply:

1) Provide your CV and links to social profiles (LinkedIn and Facebook).

2) Submit a cover letter explaining:

  • Why you want to work in sales.

  • If you worked in sales before, describe your typical day. If not, try to imagine it.

  • Imagine that you've just returned from a very busy week at a trade show. You had very little sleep the whole week because you’ve had around 40 meetings, a couple of dinners and a team session at the end. How will your next 2 weeks look like?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Sales Skills
Negotiation skills
B2B Продажи
Business Development
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Калининград, улица Александра Невского, 59
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Вакансия опубликована 15 апреля 2021 в Калининграде

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