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Prequel is a revolutionary creative app for photo and video editing. We help people to express themselves and put their most daring art projects to life. Daily 1 million of prequels get created, and you’ve seen them on Instagram and TikTok and all over social media. Prequel has been at the top of the App Store and among featured apps numerous times, and we’re not stopping there.


We’re always exploring new horizons. In Prequel, art and technology meet together to bring unique effects and editing tools to our users. We don’t follow trends but invent them. To fulfill that goal, our team turns to various fields of expertise. We’ve created a technological laboratory  where our experts, from graphic and product designers to software engineers and R&D specialists, work together to develop and grow the product. 


Headquartered in New York City and with offices in Moscow and Kaliningrad, we work hard, laugh harder, and inspire people to create like nobody’s business. We believe in thinking outside the box and expanding the boundaries. We strive to be productive and ambitious. We value integrity and creativity.


Join us! If you’re interested in creating the future, not just talking about it, we’d love to hear from you.

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IT HR Generalist
Июль 2022
Классные офисы, забота о людях, финансовая стабильность, классный продукт. Работа, которой хочется хвататься в беседе с друзьями.
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